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Sparring is divided into one-step sparring and free sparring. One-step sparring (Han Bon Kyorugi) consists of two partners exercising pre-arranged, attack and counterattack techniques. At basic levels has three (4) one-step sparring techniques they are responsible for learning. One-step sparring is the first step to Free Sparring.

Practicing one-step sparring requires a high level of concentration and cooperation on the part of both people. The attacker must perform each attack with proper execution and consistent timing. The defender must react to the attack and counter attack without hesitation. Techniques should be practiced extensively to a point where they develop a sub-motor pattern that reacts out of instinct, without having to stop and think.

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Key points in practicing One-Step Sparring

Balance and confidence can not be over emphasized.

If your block is late follow through with the counter anyway.

Attackers should always kihap when attacking and defenders should always kihap on counter attacks.

State of mind--avoid showing fear when the opponent attacks, do not
flinch. Apply your techniques with confidence.

In free sparring, only light-to-medium contact is made. Protective gear is worn in accordance with World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) standards. Note: Only 9thGup and above are eligible to participate in contact free sparring. Hand and foot techniques are executed according to World Taekwondo Federation rules in order to score points against your opponent. Although students are attacking and defending with great speed and power, the emphasis is on controlled techniques, skillful application and safety. Each sparring round is formally begun and ended with a bow of mutual respect.

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